You can access the latest data as XML, via our OAI-PMH API, the entry point is

Metadata obtained there are CC BY-SA-NC 4.0 of the Fotothek, Bibliotheca Hertziana Max-Planck-Institut für Kunstgeschichte. Complete dumps of the XML data are available upon request. The XML returned is MIDAS, the format used by the AKBF.

Identifiers for image files can be found in a8540 and a8540h.

The Objekt (obj) and Foto identifiers can be used o access the IIIF Presentation API, e.g.

Manifests and all web applications using our images directly point to a server offering IIIF Image API. Both version 2 and 3 are supported. For static derivate you can use the following format e.g.

If the image is not available (not explicitly marked as "freigegeben" in MIDAS Aspekt a8541) you will be returned 403 Forbidden from outside the network of the Bibliotheca Hertziana. Not all images are available yet as jpg2000. The script producing the manifests will seek the best available format and return it if it is accessible (See above). If there is a jpg2000, they will point to that, in case not to the static derivates. The following format is always available:{FOTOID}.jpg e.g.
Terms of use as advertised always apply to each and every image.

A dataset with available images can be downloaded from Edmond as well, DOI is More similar datasets can be provided upon request. Structured data is available in the HTML pages for media objects. It can be obtained also directly from the API service which injects them, using the foto id as parameter. e.g.

Structured Data follows the indication of the Culture Knowledge Graph of NFDI4Culture.