Cesare D'Onofrio (1921-2003) was a photographer and author. He wrote numerous publications on art and local history, which he published over the decades in his own publishing house "Romana Società Editrice", and which he sold, together with postcards and posters, in his small store in via Sant'Ignazio.

D'Onofrio, who worked at the Biblioteca di Archeologia e Storia dell'Arte (BiASA) in Palazzo Venezia after pursuing religious studies, discovered his interest in photography at an early age. His books contain almost exclusively his own photographs from extensive campaigns, including many aerial shots, for which he even hired a helicopter. All of his publications are dedicated to the city of Rome. D´Onofrio focused on urban development, large monuments and monument complexes like obelisks and fountains, and also the River Tiber.

The complete archive of D'Onofrio was purchased in February 2001. It consists of about 12,000 negatives and transparencies, as well as numerous photographic prints.